Viewing Related Records to Trace References

How to determine if a record is linked to other tables via reference fields

Toggling on the Show Related Records feature allows you to view any records that are connected to a single database record. Relationships are created using reference field types.

To determine if a row of data has any related records:

  1. Open the record to the editing view by clicking the row expansion arrows that appear when you hover over a field.
  2. Toggle on the Show Related Records feature located on the upper right side of the record.
  3. View the tables and records that reference the record you are viewing. 
  4. Clicking on any listed related record allows you to view and update its data.


  • Clicking on records in the related records list will not close your original record.
  • Close each record by clicking the X in each record until you have returned to the original record.

Related records

This feature provides peace of mind by allowing users to seamlessly 1. Confirm relationships are established with the appropriate records; and 2. Quickly confirm a record has no connections to other tables before deletion; thus avoiding potential data gaps. If a referenced record is deleted, any field data that was linked to the referenced record across other database tables will also be deleted.