Using the Slides App

How to use the Slides Application

Slides Application is great for leveraging information stored in your database to populate variable components of a PowerPoint.

In a few simple steps, you can push data from a record in a database table to an existing PowerPoint template.

First things first, let’s prepare your document.

Prepare document.

Determine which various components of your PowerPoint align with a field in your database. For example, if there are areas in your PowerPoint containing a recipient’s name, and the name is stored in a database field, it’s a great candidate for a placeholder.

Insert document placeholders.

Placeholder syntax is structured as the capitalized field name enclosed in curly brackets. Any spaces or non-alphanumeric characters are replaced with an underscore. For example, a field called "Client Name" would be structured as {CLIENT_NAME}

The following example shows the syntax saved in a PowerPoint template compared to what is exported into the final PowerPoint presentation.


A complete guide on structuring placeholder syntax, including building relationships to access data across database tables, inserting images, and formatting options are available here.

Upload template

Save the new template, that includes the placeholder syntax, to the database. Within the Slides workspace, click New Template to select the PowerPoint file or simply drag and drop the file. Next, give your template a name and click Create Template to save it to the workspace.

ppt new temp            New Template

Export and Enjoy

After selecting one row of data within the main database view, navigate to the Slides App, and export the PowerPoint of your choice.


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