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User Account Permissions

Understanding the user permission roles that can be assigned in Pitchly

Pitchly offers several levels of user permissions that are delegated by an Administrator Account. Permission roles include Owner, Admin, Write and Read

The Permission Guide outlines the authority level of each role. 


In addition to Owner, Admin, Write and Read permissions, Account Administrators must actively provide Export, Design, and Forms privileges to users at all levels. 

  • Export allows users to export content from the database (e.g., exporting Excel sheets or PowerPoint documents). 
  • Design allows users to design and update templates within the Documents App.
  • Forms allow users to create and manage forms within the Forms App. 

To update or change privileges, navigate back to the Manage Users page at any time.

By default, the Export, Design, and Forms privileges are pre-filled when you invite a new user. 



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