Sorting a Field in Ascending or Descending Order

How do I sort a field, in the main view of my database, by ascending or descending order?

To sort a field in ascending or descending order, from the main view of your database, simply click on the field name. An icon will pop up next to your field name to let you know that your field is sorted. If the arrow is pointed down, (like the first image below) your data will be sorted in descending order. If the arrow is pointed up, (like the second image below) your data will be sorted in ascending order. 



To change or delete the sort option, click on the field name until the correct icon appears or until there is no icon next to your field name, which means no sorting options are applied. It is also important to note that when sorting your fields, reference and reference multiple field types will not be able to sort. By default, the most recent record will appear first (at the top of your database.) The system will revert back to its default positioning once you navigate away from the main view of the database.


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