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Resetting Passwords

How do I reset or change my password in my Pitchly account?

Forgotten Password Reset

If you forgot your password when trying to log into your Pitchly account, follow the steps below to reset your password.

1. Click on the Forgot password?  button.

2. Go to the email you use for your Pitchly account and open the new email you received from Pitchly.

3. Click on the Reset Password button. 

4. Follow the prompts to reset your password and then log in to your account with your new password.


Change your Password from your Account

If you know your current password, but want to change it, follow these steps to update your password from your logged-in account. 

1. From the settings dropdown in the top right of your Pitchly screen, click Change password under Your settings.

2. Type in your desired new password and then retype it to confirm your password and click save.

3. To verify that it is your account, type your old password in the Confirm Password screen and then click ok.

4. You will receive an email confirming the password change. 



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