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Removing Users

Removing users from your Pitchly account

We recommend that you actively manage who has the ability to view, change, or export data from Pitchly account. Ensure that access to your organization’s data intelligence is only provided to appropriate personnel. 

It’s critical that employees who have left your organization or perhaps switched roles and no longer have a business need to access the data within your Pitchly account are deleted in the Manage Users page. 

Remove users by clicking the red circle next to the user’s name.


Small to medium user teams may find that assigning this responsibility across one to two account administrators to suffice. However large organizations with an extensive number of account users may find it beneficial to enlist the assistance of their HR or IT teams.

We recommend collaborating with HR or IT to ensure a step is added in the offboarding process to remove inactive employees from your Pitchly account.


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