Navigating the Logo Database

How to find and export logos from the Logo Database

How to:

Finding Logos

1. From the Filter Panel on the left side of the Main View screen, select Company Name, contains, and then begin typing the logo name you're looking for

2. Click into the Documents Application to view your logo results

Exporting Logos

1. Click on the logo(s) you want to export or click Select All, to select all of the logos within view, then click export

2. Images will export to PNG by default. To change your export to PowerPoint, click the Format drop-down to make your update

3. Select export

 Adding Logos

1. If the logo you want to add doesn’t already exist in the Logos Database, click New Record, populate your fields, and then click Create.

*Please note*

When adding new logos, always load the highest available quality. All logos are set to display based on a standard template size of 300x500 pixels. Generally, images of at least 300x300 pixels will display well. If an image you export from the logo database appears pixelated, you can also expand the record to download the original source file which may be larger or smaller than the standard template.

Bellow is a video running through the steps you need to take to find, export, and add a new logo to the Logo Database.



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