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Configuring SSO on Pitchly with Microsoft Azure Active Directory

How to configure SSO on Pitchly with Microsoft Azure Active Directory

A. Create the application
1. Log into the Microsoft Azure Portal
2. Go to Azure Active Directory
3. Within the tenant you want to use, go to "App registrations" under "Manage" in the left pane and click "New registration"
4. Enter the name, "Pitchly", and select the audience you want to have access to Pitchly (in most cases, this will be single-tenant)
5. In the Redirect URI field, select type "Web" and enter "https://auth.pitchly.net/login/callback"
6. Click "Register"
7. After registration is complete, take note of your new application's Client ID, since you will be sending this to us later.
B. Add credentials
1. In the left pane, go to "Certificates & secrets"
2. Under "Client secrets", click "New client secret"
3. Add a description (e.g. "Pitchly Secret") and select an expiry time. We recommend "Never", but if you prefer to set an expiration, you will need to make sure to send us a new Client Secret BEFORE the expiration date to ensure there is no disruption in service. When finished, click "Add".
4. Take note of the new Secret's "Value", since you will be sending this to us later as the Client Secret.
C. Add permissions
1. In the left pane, go to "API permissions"
2. Click "Add a permission" and then select "Microsoft Graph" under Microsoft APIs
3. Select "Delegated permissions"
4. Search for "User. Read". In the "User" section, ensure that "User. Read" is checked.
5. Search for "Directory.Read.All". In the "Directory" section, ensure that "Directory.Read.All" is checked.
6. Click "Add permissions"
7. If any permissions show "Not granted" under the Status field, click the "Grant admin consent" button near the top of the Configured Permissions screen, and click "Yes" to confirm.
Send to Pitchly
Once all of the above steps are completed, please send us the following information via our
secure online form.
client id
Next steps
After the above information is provided to Pitchly, we will send you an authorization link to authorize the Pitchly application to access your Microsoft Azure AD account. Please make sure to have a user with admin privileges on your Azure AD account complete the authorization.
Once authorized, please let us know, and we will send you an invite to have you test logging in with SSO for the first time on your Pitchly account.
For questions, please contact michael@pitchly.com
We’d love to hear from you. If you have any feedback on product enhancements or additional questions, email the team at PitchlySupport@pitchly.com.