How do I add a border to my template in the Documents Application?

There are four ways to add a border to your template in the documents application. 


Adding a Border from the Page Options

While editing your template, navigate to the Page Options panel on the right side of the screen. From here, you can add a basic border to your template and adjust its weight by picking different pixel sizes. 

border page

Adding a Border using Shapes

Using shapes in your document can give you more variation when it comes to creating a custom border. To add a shape, click on the insert shape button on the left side of your document. You can change the fill color of the shape to be transparent and give the shape a border then lay it in the background of your document. You can layer shapes to give your borders more depth and style, for example, one shape can have a more weighted border in the background and a thinner bordered shape can lay on top of it with a different color to make your template more aesthetically pleasing.


Adding a Custom Designed Border

Your graphic design or branding team can also create highly custom borders for use in your account.  Custom borders can be imported using the insert image feature. Your design application of preference can be used to create an importable image file. Common programs clients use include InDesign, Illustrator, and Figma. When creating or recreating a desired border using another platform, ensure the width and length dimensions are aligned on the custom border and the Pitchly template. Additionally, always use a high-quality image file to ensure the integrity of the image is retained upon exporting from Pitchly. 

insert image

Adding a Border from the Export Screen

The final way you can add a border to your template is through the export screen. From here, you can add your desired weight and color to the borders of all templates that are being exported. In some instances, users experience issues with borders not appearing in their version of PowerPoint once exported. If you experience this, we recommend using the first method of adding borders to the template page instead. 

border thing


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