Forms FAQ

Most common questions, and how to best use the Forms App

How do I create a new form?

You will need to be an Admin and have access to Forms. Click into the Forms Application labeled by the “Forms” tab within any database. Within the Forms Application access the Admin panel by clicking "Admin". From there you may view any existing forms as well as add a new one by clicking the plus. 

How do I edit the form?

When in the form view you are able to select and deselect which fields you would like to include in the form via the “Fields” tab. If you would like to reorder the fields you may drag and drop them into the order you would like.  You may also change the color, title, and instructions for the form in the “Design” tab. When done, just click save changes!

How do I fill and submit a form?

If you receive a link to the form:

Open the link. This will open the form, submit when you are done! For more information visit the Knowledge Base Article "Fill out a Form"

Filling out the form on My Forms:

Click into Forms and select the form block you'd like to complete. A new page will open a form that you may fill out. When done, just submit at the bottom! For more information visit the Knowledge Base Article "My Forms"

How can I share a form for others to fill out?

In the “Share” tab you may obtain a permanent shareable link. You may also insert email addresses into the “Share via Email” box. This will send an email with a link to the form. You may also control when the email sends when the form expires and reminders from this page.

Can I automatically approve form submissions?

In the “Settings” tab you have the option to allow forms to be submitted into the database automatically without review by toggling the "Direct Submission" button. 

How can I turn on/off notifications for form approval?

In the “Permissions” tab you may view all members who may approve forms. If you wish to disable notifications toggle the "Notifications" button for each member. If a user is receiving notifications the button will be green. If disabled the button will be grey. 

How can I review pending form responses?

In the “Responses” tab you may view all pending, approved and rejected form responses. If you wish to view a response, click the “view” button next to each response. From here you can decide whether to edit, approve, or reject each form. 

Can I revoke a form I sent to the wrong user?

In the “Share” tab you may view all forms that have yet to be filled out. Next to each user you may revoke or resend the form link.


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