Formatting Numbers, Currencies, and Dates

How to adjust the formatting of a number, currency, or date field in your template in the Documents Application

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions over here. Our template creator is jam-packed with formatting options so that numbers, currencies, and dates are formatted just right. 

To access the tons of formatting options make sure your designated administrator has structured the fields you wish to insert as either a number, currency, or date. 

  1. Navigate to the Documents App
  2. Select Manage Templates
  3. On the far right-hand side, select the option to insert text from the database. 
  4. Insert the desired field. 
  5. Click on the field within the design canvas or select it within the layers panel, to activate the database field options panel. This panel allows you to select how numbers, currencies, and dates should appear once exported.

Reference the videos below to see how to navigate these formatting changes.


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