Fill Out a Form

How to fill out a form as a recipient through your email

To fill out a form that has been sent to you, simply open the form from your email.

Field Descriptions

Some fields may have a description under it. This description will help guide the user to fill in the correct information for that field. 


Required Fields

The form will open and is ready to be filled out with the pertinent information. There are several different types of fields in a form. 

Fields marked with a red asterisk are required to be filled out in order to submit the form. 



"Your name" and "Your email address" marked with an asterisk are required for each form submission. They verify the number of times you submit the same form and allow your company admins to notify you if the submission has been approved or revoked.



These fields will be saved for future forms so you will not have to fill them out again. Users who are able to approve forms will be able to see this information and send it back if the form was not filled out correctly.

Once this is complete, simply hit submit and the form will be sent in for approval!

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