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Field Types

Understanding the various types of fields that are available for databases

It is critical to understand and assign the appropriate field type to your data as there are limitations to revisions that can be made to a field type.

We recommend consulting with your account administrator prior to adding or removing database fields.

To maintain a record of any data that may be deleted, we recommend performing an export of the existing database, as well as any referenced database tables.

The below chart breaks down the various options that are available for field types. 


Within the Manage Database screen, you can always access this information by hovering over the "Type" column header as displayed below.



Auto-Increments: This applies to number field types only. To have records automatically generate a unique and sequential number when the value for this field is empty, check the Auto-Increment box. When this box is checked, the number next to this checked box will indicate the next number in the sequence. This will not change existing numbers in records, but add sequential numbers to new rows being added to the database. For example, if you are starting a database from scratch and have this option selected for a number field to generate unique ID's, every row you add will be automatically filled once the record is saved. As a default, the numbers will ascend from 1, but this can be changed by clicking the number in the auto-increment column and adding in the number of your choice. Below is an example of where this function is located. 




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