Exporting Reference Multiple Selections to a New Slide using the Slides App

How to structure syntax in a PowerPoint template so that each selection is placed on its own slide.

In some cases, there is a need for each reference multiple selection to appear it’s own slide. For example, when exporting a group of biographies or department overviews it may make sense for each to be placed on individual slides in the PowerPoint presentation.

The following syntax allows you to generate a new slide for each selection – similar to a page break.

{:this | recur:“FIELD_NAME”}




In the following example we’ll use the syntax to generate a new slide for each team member.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (4)

We’ll extract the Headshot, Name, Title, and Biography for each of the team members.

Example highlight

This is the syntax to save in the PowerPoint template:

{:this | recur:“TEAM_MEMBERS”}





When the template is exported from the slides application, each team member will appear on their own slide within the PowerPoint presentation.

three bios

Creating multiple versions of slides using reference multiples

Data can also be looped across more than one reference multiple field to create variations of selected data points. You can achieve this by building upon the above syntax. Simply add a semicolon and the name of the additional reference multiple field.

new slides photo

Using this example syntax produces three slides for each team member, with each slide containing a different company name and logo. A total of nine variations are produced in a single PowerPoint export.


Referencing multiple images to carry over to multiple slides.

When referencing an image, ensure that your syntax is in its own text box. There can only be image syntax in it’s own text box, or else your slides will not export. To get this to work properly, ensure that the above syntax is still in your slide and then insert an additional text box with the following syntax. To adjust the size of your image, go to the Image(attachment) section of this guide.



Note: For more information about the Slides Application, click here to view our Slides App general guide.



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