Exporting Custom Page Sizes

How to customize the dimensions of pages before exporting

When exporting via Pitchly’s Documents application, additional customizations to the layout of your final document can be applied within the export screen. Under the format dropdown, users can select to export either a PowerPoint or PNG image file type.

Format in Exporting Screen:


To customize the page size of the export, select from the standard list of page sizes in the dropdown list, or select custom and enter the desired dimensions. If exporting to PowerPoint, dimensions will display in inches. If exporting to a PNG image, dimensions will display in pixels. If exporting a single document per page as an image, such as a tombstone or other designed template, it’s recommended that the export page size match the page size of the actual template. This will help maintain the quality of the image.


From the export screen, inside the panel on the left, you can edit the dimensions, page margins, padding, and border of the document. The dimensions tell you how many rows and columns you will have per page when you export your templates. The page margins tell you how near or far your templates will be from the edges of your page. The padding will tell you how near or far your templates will be from each other inside each page. Finally, the border allows you to add an optional border around each template in the document. Here, you can change how thick or thin the border is, as well as its color.



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