Export Tombstones, CVs, and Other Document & Design Assets

How to add filtered content to a design template and export for use outside of Pitchly

Information stored within your database can be quickly applied to your design templates such as tombstones, CVs, and case studies.  Designed items can then be exported and instantly available for your team's use across various mediums. Showcase your data in a visually appealing manner in your standard marketing materials, custom pitches and proposals, the company website, and social media posts.

To export information from your database to your custom document & design assets:

  1. Apply filters based on your desired criteria.
  2. Ensure a template is assigned to each record. 
  3. Select the Documents view.
  4. Select the rows/records you wish to export or click select all.
  5. Adjust the page size and dimensions on the far left-hand side of the export screen to verify the number of columns and rows on the page, the size of the page margins, and the border size and color.
  6. Arrange items on the screen in the order you desire. You can also use the sort option, located on the upper right-hand side of the workspace.
  7. Press Export. This will export your selection to PowerPoint. 

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