Embedding Hyperlinks into Presentations via the Slides Application

How to embed hyperlinks from a database field into PowerPoint presentations using the Slides Application

Use one of the options listed below to insert a live hyperlink into your PowerPoint template.
1. Using a URL stored in the database to hyperlink text stored in the database. 
This method requires two text fields. One field to store the text you wish to display in the document and one field to store the URL for the hyperlink.


2. Using a URL stored in the database to hyperlink text stored within the template itself. 
This method requires one text field to store the URL. Enclose the text you would like to hyperlink within the syntax as displayed in the below example.

{~~ “This text will be linked” | hyperlink: URL_FIELD_NAME }


Below is an image of the two fields in your database that would be pulled in for the hyperlink.

new Slides image

The following image displays how the syntax is placed in your PowerPoint slide using the fields from your database.
image 1 slides

Finally, here is the export from Pitchly using the syntax in your PowerPoint Presentation.
image 2 slides-1
Once your syntax is in, add your template into the Slides Application by either dragging and dropping it into the New Template box, or clicking on the box itself to add the file. To export the presentation, navigate to the Main View of your database, select the row of data you would like your template to reference, and then click the tab for the Slides Application. Finally, click the Export button to download your new PowerPoint document. 

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