Document Templates

How to create, edit, assign, and delete templates for tombstones and other document & design assets.

Creating and assigning templates to database records creates a consistent look and feel to the final digital assets once exported from the database. Templates make it easy to design custom tombstones and assign templates across many database records based on your preferences.  

To access template settings the user must be granted permission to Design document & design assets by your account administrator.

To access template settings:

  1. Navigate to the Documents display
  2. Click "Manage Templates"

In this page you can:

  1. Create a new template by either selecting "New Template" directly above the template workspace or clicking the New Template placeholder within the workspace. You can also open an existing template and click "Copy Template" to duplicate an entire pre-existing template. (You can copy and paste existing templates across databases as well.)
  2. Utilize the toolbars directly above, on the left and right-hand sides of the tombstone to customize your template.
  3. Add text, images, and shapes to your template. Additionally, you can insert items that will populate dependent upon database content (e.g., client logo, deal value, close date).
  4. Name your template and save changes. 

Your new template is instantly available to apply to database records. To apply your template to a record: 

  1. Locate the record(s) you would like to update and scroll to the "Template" column. 
  2. Click in the field, and select the desired template from the dropdown. *Note: to update all records with a template, select the dropdown button next to "Update" and click "Update all records within view"

To edit or delete a template, navigate back to the Manage Templates view and click the template you wish to update. Make your desired edits directly within the template and save your changes. Or delete the template by clicking the trash bin icon located above the workspace.

*Deleting a tombstone template will remove it from each record it has been saved to. To apply a new template to those transactions please navigate to the "Template" field in the database and select an available template from the dropdown box. This process may result in a substantial amount of work if the template has been saved too many records.



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