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Delete a Database (Table)

Remove all records by deleting a database

Users must have Admin level account permission to delete a database.

If you wish to keep a record of the data inside the database, please export all of its records first.


Deleting a database will remove all of its records, and is not recoverable.


Select, More Options

Select "More options" by clicking the three dots located to the right of the database name. In here you'll see "Install apps" & "Manage database"

Select, Manage Database

The Manage Database screen allows you to:

  1. Create more fields
  2. Change the database name
  3. Add field descriptions
  4. Add database descriptions
  5. Adjust field names
  6. Change the color of your database
  7. Delete fields
  8. Make fields required
  9. Change the field key
  10. Rearrange fields
  11. Manage your installed applications
  12. Delete your database

Expand, More Options

Delete Database

Click Delete Database to remove your database and then confirm you're making the right decision.


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