Currency Symbols Accepted on Import

Which currencies can be imported into a database and hold the correct symbols and formating?

Accepted currency types on Import

When importing a CSV, the following currencies will be brought into the database correctly. All other currencies will default to USD and will need to be manually updated to their correct currency type following the import. Pitchly currently supports the following currency types:

Code Symbol Name
USD $ U.S. Dollars
THB ฿ Thai Baht
MYR RM Malaysian Ringgits
JPY ¥ Japanese Yen

Indian Rupee
ILS Israeli Shekels
GBP £ British Pounds
EUR Euros
AUD $ Australian Dollars
CAD $ Canadian Dollars
MXN $ Mexican Pesos
NZD $ New Zealand Dollars
SGD $ Singapore Dollars
TWD $ Taiwan New Dollars


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