Copying and Pasting Templates

How to copy and paste templates across databases

You can copy and paste entire templates in the Documents application across databases and entire accounts. This also includes copying and pasting across browser windows and tabs. Your clipboard will be maintained across page reloads, shutdowns, and leaving the application.

Simply select all the layers in the template by holding down the left mouse button on the edge of the document, that you want to copy, and then drag your cursor to the other side of the document. Once the entire template is selected, enter the keyboard command Ctrl+C to copy the existing template. In the new blank template, enter Ctrl+V and the layers that were copied will be pasted there. 


Fields from the original and new databases must have the same names and same or similar field types (image to image, and non-image to non-image). Date, number, and currency fields will attempt to keep the same format if possible. If not, a default field type will be set. If a field name doesn't match a field in the new database, the element will not be added to the template. However, the rest of the elements in the group will still be pasted.

Since this works as a normal copy and paste, the template will not maintain conditional layers. You'll have to recreate those layers following the paste. 


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