Copy a template to an existing folder

How do I save my template to an existing folder in my Pitchly account?

To organize your templates by folders, follow the steps list below.

  1. Open the Documents app from the Main View of your database. 
  2. Click “Manage Templates”
  3. Verify the folder you’d like to use is available or is visible on the screen.
  4. You may need to create a new folder by using the “New Folder” button, which is listed directly under the word “Templates” as shown below.

    new folder
  5. Once your folder is created, you’ll need to add in your template. You’ll do this by either creating a new template or by choosing one of your existing templates.
  6. Once your template is open you’ll use the black folder icon aka the “Copy template to folder” button. You’ll find it located to the right of your template title at the top of your edit window; as shown below.
    copy template to folder

  7. From here you can search for your folder of choice and select it. This will save your template to your preferred folder for future use. 


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