App ID & App Secret

Best practices for updating the App ID and App Secret

Before You Regenerate Your App Secret

Generating an App Secret will cause all API calls using the old secret to fail, and may break your existing applications!

To Rotate Keys With Zero Down Times

  1. We recommend creating a new set of keys.

  2. Transitioning all instances of this key in your applications to the new key.

  3. Verify all of your applications are working with the new key.

  4. Lastly, remove this key completely.

How To Create a New App Secret

To regenerate your App Secret click the    located directly next to the hidden App Secret when you click into your key set.

Why Save Your App Secret

The App Secret will only be displayed this once and will never be displayed again, so save both the App ID and App Secret to a secure location. If you lose your App Secret, you must generate a new one, which you can do by editing a Key Set.