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Adding a New Field

How to add a new field to an existing database.

To add a new field to an existing database, a user must have Admin level account permission.

  1. Navigate to the Manage Database screen.
  2. Select, Add Field.
  3. Enter a field name.
  4. Select a field type.
  5. Enter a description (optional). The field description will appear under the field name when users are entering new database records.
  6. If this field should be mandatory in order to enter a new record, click the required checkbox. 
  7. If this field is a number field, you can assign it to be an auto-increment field and automatically populate. 
  8. If a drop-down filed type is selected, enter the choices that should appear in the drop-down list. 
  9. If a reference field type is selected, choose the database that should be referenced from the drop-down list. 


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